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Why Pension Advice?

For the majority of people, but also for employers, the many questions about pensions are not a topic that people like to deal with. Nevertheless, it affects each of us at the latest when we retire. We advise you with a team that can look back on decades of experience in all questions of private, company and statutory pension schemes. At the same time, we are court-approved pension advisors and are available to you nationwide.

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Pension Advisors - What do they do exactly?

As pension consultants, we deal full-time and independently of the authorities with advising and representing the interests of our clients in selected areas of social law. We know from our daily practice the interaction of the individual areas of social law:

  • Pension insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Disability insurance

Individual & personal

Think about tomorrow today.

The pension issue does not only affect the so-called near-retirement age groups. Those who take precautions in good time avoid later risks and are well advised, especially in complicated circumstances.

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Ahead of the times

Timely pension advice makes sense.

Pension law is complicated and unmanageable for non-professionals. Legislative changes in the past (e.g. raising the retirement age), atypical employment relationships, making working life more flexible, incomplete insurance biographies and demographic change are just a few of the many factors that could later play a role.

Pension advice can bring clarity to the additional need for provision beyond the entitlements from statutory pension insurance and enable appropriate planning. What are the options for starting retirement? What is the expected pension amount? What happens to the health insurance?

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Individual advice

Social security law is confusing and complicated. The pension consultants have specialized in this area. They work for you personally and independently and can assess the legal position of your case.

All from a single source

A Pension Adviser combines specific skills from counseling centers of insurance carriers, insurance brokers/intermediaries as well as lawyers and specialist lawyers in social law in one person.


Every pensionable period has an impact not only on your pension entitlement, but also on the amount of your later pension - month after month and year after year. Pension advice offers you the best possible way to shape your future in old age.

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