Income Protection: Safety just in case.

It can happen to anyone: Anyone who is no longer able to work full-time due to illness or an accident quickly falls below the subsistence level.
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A good plan when life has other plans.

When the stress becomes too much, it is often too late. The result is burnout. But other stresses or cardiovascular diseases can also lead to critical life situations in which one is dependent on financial help. We know nobody likes to think about it. We neither. But as consultants, we also know that your employees can continue to maintain their usual standard of living with income protection. Together we will find the right model for every employee. For fewer worries and more quality of life.

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Sick Pay

Why is additional insurance useful?

Most employees initially receive money from their employer if they are ill for a long period of time. After a six-week break, however, this is usually over. Then the health insurance company takes over and pays sick pay. Sick pay is lower than wages. Employees who already have problems with their normal net salary Your monthly Covering costs can lead to financial difficulties due to prolonged illness.

Disability Insurance

One in four becomes disabled in the course of their lives.

Statistics: Disability insurance is considered one of the most important types of insurance. Whether teachers, recruiters or warehouse workers: stress is high in many sectors, for example. When it gets too much, work is no longer an option either. For these challenging phases of life, there are products that reliably secure income.

An infographic with 4 male and 4 female figures - the fourth figure is red - every fourth employee becomes disabled
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Efficient Supply System

All the best from HABEKO. Our unique concept.

1. Simplified health questions: If you want to take out private insurance, you have to answer extensive questions about the health check. This often poses a risk. If some questions are answered incorrectly, knowingly or unknowingly, the insurance benefit can be reduced or denied. In the case of operational BU, the health issues are significantly reduced.

2. More favorable risk group classification: Anyone who wants to insure themselves privately as a craftsman, technician or member of the nursing profession often finds themselves in an unfavorable risk group - which makes insurance almost unaffordable. This regularly leads to many people deciding against it despite the high risks. However, operational BU enables good and affordable insurance cover.

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Risk minimization

Simplified health condition questions significantly reduce the risk of a benefit reduction or even refusal by the pension provider for the insured person. Risk surcharges on the contributions are also avoided.


The premiums are paid from gross and through employer contributions. Compared to private insurance, there can be great advantages here. By being classified in a favorable risk group, this leads to a top cost-performance ratio.


Provisions can be taken over by the next employer or privately without further health examination. Contribution dynamics can also be agreed, which can be adjusted annually.

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